About Us

NXT LEVEL ENERGY Inc. is an Energy Management and Consulting Firm providing various turnkey Energy Solutions within Canada and the United States.  Our clients are medium to large volume commercial, corporate and Industrial users.  We are an independent and privately held firm that manages the energy portfolios of public and private companies.  We consult, implement and manage energy solutions based on the needs and interests of our clients, so that they can focus on running and expanding their business.

Our products and services include:

  • Power Factor Optimization
  • Voltage Optimization
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Rooftop Solar
  • Wind Silo’s
  • Electricity Hedging and Procurement
  • Natural Gas Hedging and Procurement
  • Data Analysis

Our focus is to provide our clients with several ways to reduce demand & consumption, implement renewable and sustainable energy initiatives, while trimming overall annual utility expenditure.  We want our clients to know what we know, helping them make the best decision for their establishment.  This is what we call Transparent Consulting.