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How can a Whirlwind Silo reduce my usage?

A Whirlwind Silo's can either be installed on a rooftop or on unoccupied land.  A Silo uses wind turbine technology to generate DC power, which is converted to AC power through an inverter.  Unlike Solar power, Silo's do not feed into the grid, they feed directly into your building.  The Silo's are also strategically positioned on your rooftop to maximize…
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How can Renewable Energy help my Company?

Renewable Energy has been a main focus in the energy sector for several years now.  Implementing renewable energy into your company can reduce your carbon footprint, help with marketing initiatives, help you qualify for ISO 14001, and the most obvious reason, it helps our environment.  Implementing energy solutions such as whirlwind silo, solar power, power factor optimization, lighting retrofits, and…
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What does Hedging mean and what are its advantages?

Hedging basically means to mitigate or reduce risk.  This can be applied to either natural gas and/or electricity consumption.  Hedging your energy consumption means to reduce the risk of your cost going up when the market goes up.  So, hedging a part of your consumption while leaving the rest on the market makes financial sense.  That way, your average price…
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What are the costs associated with the services?

So, you want to implement some strategies to reduce your energy expenditure without breaking the bank.  We understand, which is why our way of doing business is focused primarily around your way of doing business.  We do not charge you anything for consultations (whether we meet once or 20 times).  Information these days is at your fingertips, we just want…
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Is NXT Level Energy an Energy Retailer?

Simply put, no we are not.  We work with several retailers on your behalf, but we are in no way affiliated with any one retailer.  Our goal in terms of hedging and procurement is to tender the retailers to get you the best price combined with optimal terms and conditions, which can sometimes have a negative impact on your business.…
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Can NXT Level Energy reduce my annual Energy expenditure?

In most cases, yes.  We complete an analysis and audit of your facility to determine if any of the top energy initiatives will reduce your annual energy expenditure.  Once this is complete, we illustrate our findings to you in a detailed report indicating where the savings will come from.  The analysis and audit is completed at no charge and with…
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How does NXT Level Energy differ from other Energy Companies?

NXT LEVEL ENERGY embodies a unique strategy of combining several energy solutions into one simple process.  The methodology behind this is simple.  We know its a pain for a large and busy corporation to contact several companies that offer energy management solutions to determine the best path to energy reduction and profitability.  Not to mention that this route consumes both…
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