How can Renewable Energy help my Company?

Renewable Energy has been a main focus in the energy sector for several years now.  Implementing renewable energy into your company can reduce your carbon footprint, help with marketing initiatives, help you qualify for ISO 14001, and the most obvious reason, it helps our environment.  Implementing energy solutions such as whirlwind silo, solar power, power factor optimization, lighting retrofits, and even purchasing green power from a retailer are all examples of “going green”.

Most people think renewable energy is expensive, and sometimes those people are right.  However, with many technological advances, such as precise measurement and verification tools, manufacturers and distributors can now offer renewable products with pricing plans that are extremely advantageous to the the end user.  For example, NXT Level Energy offers a Zero-Net-Cost plan, which allows you to implement renewable solutions without paying a single penny.  Instead, pay for whatever it is your are implementing through the savings being generating by the product.

Here’s a quick example:

Company X would like to retrofit their lights.  The cost is $50,000 and they do not have the cash flow to pay for it.  We know that after the retrofit they will save $3,000 per month.  NXT Level Energy will install the lighting system and will not charge Company X anything upfront.  Once the lighting is installed and the savings are measured and verified, NXT Level Energy will invoice Company X for 50% of the savings, or $1,500 until the system is paid off.  Company X paid nothing upfront and will immediately save $1,500 every month by implementing Green Initiatives.

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