What are the costs associated with the services?

So, you want to implement some strategies to reduce your energy expenditure without breaking the bank.  We understand, which is why our way of doing business is focused primarily around your way of doing business.  We do not charge you anything for consultations (whether we meet once or 20 times).  Information these days is at your fingertips, we just want to make the process of getting the right information easier for you.

Our green solutions (Wind Silo, Solar, Lighting, and Power Factor Optimization) come with two payment methods.  First, you can pay for any product you wish to implement, outright. The second option was designed to keep your money with your company; a Zero-Net-Cost or Pay From Savings plan will allow you to pay for any product or service from the savings they are generating, with no upfront costs.  We can do this because we are extremely confident that our services will generate savings for you!