What We Do


Our Consulting services are meant to simplify Canada’s comprehensive energy market. Our Consultants will provide recommendations based on the objectives of your Company. Unsure about your options? Our team of professionals are available to provide you with insight and in-depth market awareness regarding all your energy related inquiries.  Depending on your goals, consumption volume and building size, we can recommend several strategies that will reduce your usage and/or limit your exposure to the open market. We will be there from beginning to end (and even after that) to confirm that you are making the best decision for your company.

Our goal in consulting you is to ensure that you are provided with the most important and accurate information pertaining to your business. We are confident that together, we can establish a solid foundation to implement an energy solution that will adhere to your needs.


We understand that change can sometimes be difficult. Our main focus after the consultation process is to implement a turnkey solution, which can be customized to fit your current business process. Whether we are retrofitting your lights or installing a wind silo on your roof, our projects are executed by fully trained and certified technicians. We will also complete all the necessary paperwork in applying for Government Grants and Incentives programs on your behalf.

Our goal throughout the implementation of energy efficiency solutions is to reduce your power (kW) and consumption (kWh) while making the process as transparent as possible. Reducing both power and consumption, simultaneously, will make a major impact in trimming your costs and managing your energy expenditure.


The initial consultation will confirm which products and services are in line with your company’s goals. The implementation process will ensure a quick and accurate transition into a more sustainable and cost-effective way of overseeing your energy portfolio. Once both of these processes are complete, we begin managing our work. We will monitor, measure and verify the initial projected savings with the actual results. We will also provide post project status reports and continuously work with you to safeguard your investment.

Our goal throughout the management process is to certify that your expectations throughout all projects were met and exceeded.