Power Factor Optimization

Power factor optimization is a fancy term that basically describes how efficient your machinery draws power from its power source.  Inductive loads, such as fluorescent lighting, heating units and motors are all factors that can have a negative impact on your power factor.  Most utility companies will indicate your power factor with an abbreviation of PF, and the corresponding number will sometimes be in decimal format.

In a perfect world, your power factor would be 100%, but due to inductive loads it is most likely much lower.  A more realistic number would be 95%, but because of inductive loads even this can be a challenge.  A low power factor (anything under 95%) increases the apparent power demand in your facility, which in turn increases the delivery cost of electricity on your monthly hydro bill.

So, what can we do to increase power factor and simultaneously reduce the delivery cost on your hydro bill?  Well, we can measure each inductive load your facility has (lighting, heating, motors, etc..) to determine which is drawing more power than it should be.  We will complete a full analysis illustrating a “before” and “after” snapshot of your potential savings.  The last step is to install capacitance and other energy efficient products on both the main panel and on the motors themselves.  Our goal is to get you the 95% level and reduce the delivery and demand portion of your electricity bill.

Here is a list of the Power Savings Devices we use:

  • Somar Intelligent Optimized Motor Control
  • Automated Voltage Optimization
  • Frigitek EC Motor Controls
  • Lighting Management System
  • KVAR Energy Controllers
  • Electronic Air Control Unit

Contact us for a free Power Factor assessment of your facility.