Wind Energy

A new technology has emerged in the renewable energy world, bringing wind technology to your doorstep. Traditionally, when you think of wind turbine, well, you think of a field of massive wind turbines rotating through the air.  Those are great, but how are they going to help your company directly? (they won’t)

A Whirlwind Silo uses traditional wind technology with an added twist; the end result is a new power creating and sustainable technology that can help companies reduce their electricity consumption .  The blades have been placed horizontally and caged in for safety.  The generator is located at the bottom of the silo and the inverter is located on the outside of the cage.  The Silo is connected directly into your building, not into the power grid, meaning that you do not have to pay for a single kilowatt that is generated by the Silo.

A Whirlwind Silo’s can either be installed on a rooftop or on unoccupied land.  A Silo uses wind turbine technology to generate DC power, which is converted to AC power through an inverter.  Unlike Solar power, Silo’s do not feed into the grid, they feed directly into your building.  The Silo’s are also strategically positioned on your rooftop to maximize system size and wind direction.  This increases the amount of electricity generated into your building, which in-turn reduces the amount of electricity used from the grid.  The less electricity used from the grid reduces your overall electricity bill, saving you 0.10 cents/kWh to 0.13 cents/kWh generated.

Depending on the amount of usable square footage, a Silo system can potentially reduce you overall yearly electricity consumption by 10% to 35%.  Post installation, a dashboard system is provided so that you can monitor and see exactly how much energy the system is producing at every moment.

Highlights of the Whirlwind Silo:
  • Vibration free, Quiet operation
  • Moves with wind & gusts from any direction
  • No free standing tower necessary
  • Captures wind close to ground
  • Visually appealing
  • Does not harm birds or wildlife
  • Engineered to withstand hurricane winds

A full analysis comprising of structural requirements to projected savings is offered at no cost and no obligation.  This an excellent opportunity for any company to take full advantage of their roof or unused land while reducing their monthly electricity bill by a significant amount.